Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Sunnyside Tax Planning

Small business owners who want to be sure they pay the lowest taxes possible can’t hand their accountant a stack of receipts in March and expect them to work magic. The key to managing tax liabilities is proactive planning. Start planning your tax strategy today by working with the specially trained accountants at Allan J Rolnick, CPA, CTC.

Our advanced education as a Certified Tax Coach means we have the skills to mitigate tax obligations, boost your personal income, and increase profitability for your business. We're constantly studying the tax code and developing new techniques that take advantage of every legal means available to save our clients the most money on their taxes.

Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

Our plan for reducing your taxes starts with a comprehensive tax strategy that will act as the roadmap to reducing your tax burden and increasing your wealth. First, we’ll schedule a time to talk with you and learn about your financial situation. Then you’ll complete a brief questionnaire and provide copies of past tax returns. We’ll use all of this information to conduct extensive research and explore a variety of options for reducing your taxes over the next couple of weeks. When we’re done, we’ll deliver our findings in a personalized Tax Strategy.

Your Trusted Tax Advisor

When you sign on with Allan J Rolnick, CPA, CTC, we strive to build a longstanding relationship as your personal tax advisor. You can count on us to be courteous and responsive when you have tax questions and financial concerns and we will always look out for your best financial interests. When we get your business we make it our business to constantly revise and update your tax strategy as tax laws change so you can be confident that you stay compliant with new regulations and always get the best tax savings possible.

Get Your Free Tax Planning Book!

The expertise of a Certified Tax Coach is essential to reducing taxes and maximizing revenues and income for small business owners. Call our Sunnyside, Sunnyside CPA firm today at 718-896-8715 or request your free consultation online. As a gift for scheduling your consultation, we’ll give you our book, Writeoffs to the Rescue*.