How to Pay Less in Taxes

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American taxpayers collectively overpay about one billion dollars each year according to the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). If you’ve been left reeling from the pain of high taxes, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can conquer the confusing forms and ever-changing tax code regulations to find real tax savings with the guidance of a Certified Tax Coach like Allan J Rolnick, CPA, CTC. Our Sunnyside, NY CPA firm specializes in reducing taxes for successful small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can count on us for effective strategies that will lower your tax exposure and increase your personal wealth.

As a Certified Tax Coach that specializes in minimizing taxes, our methods, are legal, ethical, and can save you thousands of dollars. Here’s what we’ll help you do:

Look at how you make your money.

U.S. tax laws favor people who make their money through business and investments while earned salaries are highly taxed. That’s why one method we use to limit tax obligations is to reduce what the government sees as your income.

Keep an eye on tax code changes.

Numerous tax law revisions and changes are added to the U.S. tax code every year. We make it our business to understand how these updates impact you so you can stay ahead of the government and avoid surprises at tax time.

Work with the IRS, not against them.

Questionable tax practices are not going to fool the IRS for long. When you work with us we’ll show you how to leverage tax loopholes that are perfectly legal. You’ll discover how to pay less in taxes in an ethical and sustainable way that will save you money but won’t get you in trouble with the IRS.

Be proactive about reducing your taxes.

Waiting until April to consider a tax plan won’t get you very far. To save the most money in taxes you need to act now to put a tax strategy in place that will work for you all year long. We can create a personalized Tax Strategy that will help you right away.

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